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Istria - terra magica

Wine tours

Istria – The land of Magic, a place where good people's hands for thousands of years now have been decanting their love and respect towards vine into golden and sanguine drops of the divine juices. Would you like to get introduced to the best wines which even the Romans enjoyed sipping?
Vinske ture - organized tours in Istria
Vinske ture - organized tours in Istria
Vinske ture - organized tours in Istria

Sail with us along Istria's azure coast, set out with the rays of sunlight from the east slowly towards the west, plunging into picturesque Mediterranean motifs - coves and beaches, small boats floating peacefully, awaiting in the beauty of solitude.

On the hilltop in the distance you can see Labin, town that has proudly protected its citizens inside its walls for centuries, and below it lies glittering Rabac spreading along one of the loveliest beaches in Istria. And then further on, until the southernmost tip, Cape Kamenjak, protecting the western coast where you are first greeted by millennia-old Pula. Look around and cherish the view of the city and its magnificent Arena before you are seduced by the Brijuni archipelago.

When you set off once again after this breathtaking sight, the beauty of Rovinj-Rovigno calls out from the vast blue horizon, spinning you through its narrow winding streets and twirling you into the warm embrace of Lim Bay. There, you will be invited aboard the boat which, accompanied by melodies and flavours of the Mediterranean, takes you to Vrsar's Sestrice and then on to the beaches of Poreč. Along the way be sure to greet the bathers and surfers, and if you happen to see a buoy, it means that somewhere around, in the silence of the azure, divers are exploring some other worlds.

Every wine and gastro tour can be organized individually according to your wishes.

Organized tours

Day Tour: "The Ancient Roman Glow of the Southern Istria"

Tour description
Sjaj Antike južne Istre

Experience the eno-gastronomy of the southern Istria in just one day with an expert sommelier and a tour guide. The old Romans knew how to enjoy themselves. Why wouldn't you do so, too? Choose to spend a day getting to know the rich ancient heritage of Pula. Stroll around the three-thousand-years-old streets, the Amphitheatre and Roman Forum.

The tour begins at 10 a.m., in front of the Amphitheatre (Arena) and continues through the old town to the Roman Forum where you can enjoy a wine tasting alongside some local finger food and olive oil and under the guidance of our sommelier while admiring the oldest and the most beautiful buildings on the square - the Temple of Augustus and the Town Hall.

After the tasting session, we’ll hop on a mini bus that will take us to the Trapan Winery. Trapan is one of the most famous wine cellars in the southern Istria and we'll be welcomed by an oenologist that will, in a 2-hour tour, present the production and the selection of their best wines. The Trapan Winery is a family-owned wine production and thus requires complete dedication and enthusiasm. They were confident and passionate about their mission, dedicating themselves to the whole production process, they have chosen a path that is taking them straight to the objective - creating a recognisable product for gourmands with refined sense of taste.

Finally, a three-course dinner in a typical konoba will be a great introduction to the local Istrian cuisine.

After the dinner we’ll be taking our way back to where the tour started (Pula 6 p.m.).

Min persons: 4
Tours: from monday till friday
Time schedule: 10 am - 6 pm

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